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Bal Harbour Swimmers - Fall is Here!  

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Reliable Local Pool Service for Bal Harbour

A friendly welcome to all residents of Bal Harbour. On Time Pool Care is your source for weekly swimming pool service. Our passion is to give all homeowners a wonderful and peaceful pool area free from stress and maintenance headaches. We desire your full satisfaction of our services and back it up with a pool service guarantee. We are a family managed pool service provider. We listen to customer criticisms, comments and feedback with open ears.

Choose from 2 Pool Service Plans Specifically Tailored for Bal Harbour Pools

* Our Starting Price   ( Monthly plan cost is based on a four week billing interval )

For customers who have a spa attached to your inground pool, all pool service prices calculated will include your spa and this can alter the monthly cost.

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Our Bal Harbour technicians use pool equipment, products, supplies and parts from top brands like Polaris, Hayward, Pentair and Jandy.

The 23 Point Pool Service Plan for Pool Owners

Customers on our weekly Bal Harbour service route will get these tasks performed by a qualified technician every week.

Pool Chemicals and Water Balancing
  1. Total Dissolved Solids - test Looking for impurities in your water.
  2. pH Factor - manage
  3. TA (Total Alkalinity) - manage
  4. Chlorine - manage Disinfect the pool water.
  5. Salt Content - maintained on saltwater pools
  6. Cyanuric Acid - test Looking for the proper amount.
  7. Water Hardness - test
  8. Temperature (for pH factor calculation) - test
  9. Chloramines - manage Burns your eyes, we eliminate them.
  10. Saturation Index - test
  11. Total Chlorine (includes chloramines) - manage

Pool Equipment Checks
  1. Polaris / Pool Sweep debris bags (cleared and checked)
  2. Monthly DE filter backwashing, weekly sand filters backwashing
  3. Polaris / Pool Sweep (cleared and checked)
  4. Skimmer baskets (cleared and checked)
  5. Valves inspected
  6. Pump strainer baskets (cleared and checked)
  7. Polaris / Pool Sweep: operation inspection

General Pool Service
  1. Brush spa
  2. Weekly hose vacuum *
  3. Brush walls and steps
  4. Weekly Leaf Vacuum *
  5. Net pool bottom and surface *

* Comprehensive Pool Service Plan Only

» View the Comprehensive Pool Service Plan Cost and Details

» View the Regular Pool Service Plan Cost and Details

All Pool Plans Include our Service Guarantee

The peace of mind of every Bal Harbour pool owner is important to us. See Details »

Guarantee Seal

Homes our Weekly Routes Service

We provide weekly pool service to homeowners in the 33154 zip code and also many surrounding neighborhoods. Call us for confirmation of service availability.

The Wonderful City of Bal Harbour

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It's Time to Enjoy your Pool Again

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your swimming pool. Our company stands behind our pool plans with our Pool Service Guarantee.

Send us a message or call us at (305) 602-4664 if you would like to get on our weekly service for pool service or inquire about pricing.